The effortlessly cool multi-braided ponytail hairstyles are everywhere for a good reason, from the low super long braided ponytail to the Side-Parted Ponytail Braid to the Loose Ponytail Braid to the Colorful Ponytail Braid. 

You may think that the relatively easy-to-create hairstyle only has a few creative tricks, but you can play with texture and color depending on the look you aim to achieve. 

They are definitely not the only ones, but Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid were the pack leaders behind this hairstyle, followed by the Lebanese bloggers Karen Wazen among others.

But the real secret of nailing any hairstyle is keeping your hair healthy and radiant. And to maintain that, we always recommend, at Nail Station, doing an in-salon treatment ONCE A WEEK, depending on the status of your hair. 

If your hair is highly damaged, the fusio-dose in-salon hair treatment. Before beginning your treatment, your stylist will diagnose your hair. Depending on your hair’s needs, they will select a Concentré and Booster to combine and spray onto the hair at the back bar. Within 5-minutes, your tailor-made treatment will be complete, and you’ll be flaunting lush, re-energized hair all day!

Suppose your hair is dry and not too damaged. In that case, we recommend you try the macadamia in-salon treatment, as it improves health, shine, and elasticity and provides deep hydration to rebuild and reconstruct your hair.